Balancers for railway wheelsets

At CIMAT, we offer standard and custom balancing machines for wheelsets of railway vehicles of different size and construction.

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Technical Specifications
  • machines could be designed for balancing of inner/outer driving wheelsets as well as inner/outer carrying wheelsets. 
  • wheelsets with installed transmissions could also be balanced. 
  • radial and axial runout measurement of wheels and break discs could be provided. 
  • fast and easy connection of machine's spindle to a wheelset with a help of custom floating coupling. 
  • Lift/lower platform with hydraulic system could be installed if the machine is to be located below the floor level. 
  • machine meets the requirements of balancing of all the standard such as DIN EN13260, DIN EN 13262, UIC 813 and other. 
  • balancing reports could be saved as PDF, CSV, XLS and could be sent via Ethernet to a local server. 
  • machine is equipped with a latest measuring and control unit ROTORTEST 9.5.
  • software supoorts different unbalance correction methods such as turning,  milling, drilling, grinding etc. 
  • safety guarding standard ISO 21940 / DIN 45690 compliant

The following parameters are standard and can be modified upon request.

Models CMT-92WS
Maximum weight of a wheelset 3000kg (Optional: 5000 kg)
Runout measuring accuracy 0,01 mm 
Lift/lower platform on request
Maximum wheel diameter 1700 mm
ISO 2953 Reduction Ratio 95%
Balancing accuracy acc. DIN EN 13260
Journal range 90-180mm (Optional: 90-220 mm)
Voltage & phase. All 50-60Hz 220 or 400V 3 ph
Maximum bed length 2900 mm
Infinitely variable balancing speed 300-1400RPM
AC motor size 4 kW