VNT Flow Benches

VNT flow benches allow to calibrate a variable nozle turbocharger according to original parameters. Thanks to this machine a turbocharger repair business has become more profitable and less problematic. 

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Our VNT calibration flow bench is incredibly accurate, efficient, and easy to use.

CIMAT offers two dynamic VNT calibration flow bench: Turbo Test Pro and the Turbo Test Expert.

Non-rotate, static, calibration flowbench Turbo Test is also available, but we highly recommend to purchase dynamic flow benches. 

Advantages of dynamic calibration of VNT turbochargers: 

  • Dynamic calibration (the rotor is spinning) of variable geometry according to airflow— calibration of minimum, medium and maximum flow 
  • Compressor section performance test
  • Turbocharger oil leakage test
  • REA of Hella, Siemens testing and reprogramming
  • Pneumatic and vacuum actuator test
  • Position sensor test
  • Turbocharger boost pressure ratio test. Real life spin test.  
  • Turbocharger rotational speed measurement 
  • Turbocharger air loss test
  • A 12 month warranty and free of charge, online, technical support is provided
  • Validated by BorgWarner Turbo Systems
  • Large, free of charge access to our database of turbocharger parameters

Please send us a request and you will receive a quotation with full parameters and pricing.