Automatic and manual balancing machines for all industries
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Vertical Manual

At CIMAT, we offer a wide range of vertical balancing machines for measuring in single plane (static balance) and two-plane (dynamic balance).  These balancers could be applied to any kind of disc-shaped rotor, tool holders, milling tools, grinding wheels, etc. 

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Field Balancers

ROTORTEST 3.5 is a field balancer designed for dynamic balancing and diagnostics of rotors installed in various machines. This portable device enables balancing of rotors in working conditions and helps eliminate vibration problems.

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Automatic and Semi-automatic Balancers

Automatic balancers manufactured by CIMAT can balance any type of rotor: disc-shaped rotors, for example, brake discs, clutches, pulleys and rotors with journals, for example, electric armatures, rotors of compressors etc. 

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