As especificações técnicas

Design capabilities:

  • Suitable for a manual operation by operator,
  • Suitable for an automatic cell with a robot load/unload,
  • Suitable for an automatic conveyor production,
  • Wheel presence sensors,
  • Imbalance compensation of a spindle,
  • Ergonomic size of the machine,
  • Sophisticated fluids drain system with reservoir,
  • Spindle protection system from metal chips,
  • Automatic clamping of a wheel hub with a heavy duty pneumatic clamping chuck,
  • Automatic brake and wheel positioning,
  • Fastest balancing cycle time,
  • Fastest tool changeover time,
  • Made of well-known brands heavy duty components,
  • Servomotor as a spindle drive motor,


Software capabilities:

  • Valve compensation feature,
  • The best quality, automatic display,
  • Password protection access for operator and shift manager,
  • Any language possible,
  • Industry 4.0 compliant,
  • Static and dynamic imbalance display,
  • Autotest and self-calibration,
  • Data transfer and communication with master station,
  • CSV file data creation
  • Sophisticated remote diagnostic and support software .


Available applications:

  • Passenger car wheels,
  • Truck wheels,
  • Complete wheels, 
  • Aluminium rims,
  • Steel rims.
Balancing Machine Parameters
Max. wheel weight:  50 kg
Max. wheel diamater:  700 mm
Max. hub clamping diamater: 84 mm
Measuring cycle time: 6-10 sec.