CIMAT – #GaszynChallenge

We have been nominated for #GaszynChallenge by #BPPT
We took up the challenge and joined the charity campaign. We collected 1260PLN for Natalka Jędrzejczak.💪
We nominate:
-Sylka Composites
Watch a short report on CIMAT pumping!



Het prototype van een eenvoudig beademingstoestel die het leven kan redden van patiënten met COVID-19, dat twee weken duurde bij UTP in Bydgoszcz, is met succes afgerond.

Het team bestaat uit UTP-medewerkers en vertegenwoordigers van CIMAT en MEDSEVEN.


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“In search of lost power”

“The process of natural wear of engine components cooperating with each other and deterioration of patency of significant motor arteries can cause a dozen or so percentage drop in achieved power visible after several years. In most cases, drivers somehow get used to this effect and do not feel discomfort because of it, but some of them use from the services of tuning workshops dealing with increasing the power of propulsion units and as the English name indicates – their tuning (optimization) ” ….

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