Why Choose „Turbo Test Duo”


Static & dynamic measurements

CIMAT flow bench is the only one in the market that enables you to calibrate turbochargers not only according to mass air flow but also to turbocharger rotational speed value and pressure ratio measured under load. As a result you can be sure that repaired turbocharger matches the performance and efficiency of a new, original product.



The machine is suitable for balancing and calibrating of turbochargers of passenger car, commercial vehicle as well as heavy-duty truck.


Turbo Test Duo combining two machines is a cost-effective solution ideal for a start.


Two models to choose from:

  • Turbo Test Duo Big ver. Pro
  • Turbo Test Duo Big ver. Expert 


Turbo Test Duo  Pro Turbo Test Duo Expert
High-speed balancing. Yes Yes
1. Static measurement of turbine section mass flow. Yes Yes
2. Simultaneous dynamic measurement of turbine section mass flow and turbocharger rotational speed.*  Available at CIMAT only! Yes Yes
3. P2/P1 pressure ratio measurement under load at high-rotational speed.** Available at CIMAT only! x Yes
4. Compressor section volume flow measurement. Yes
5. Stroommeting van elektrische actuator. Yes Yes
6. REA programming and Siemens VDO adaptation. Yes Yes
7. Clearance measurement of Hella electric actuator. Yes Yes
8. Voltage value measurement of position sensor of vacuum actuator. Yes Yes
9. Vacuum actuator rod length adjustment according to mass flow value. Available at CIMAT only! Yes Yes
10. Operating angle of VNT lever check. Available at CIMAT only! Yes Yes
11. Program dedicated for hybrid turbocharger testing and adjustment. Boost pressure measurement in [bar] or [psi]. Available at CIMAT only! x Optionele
Features & advantages: x x
1. Display of mass flow value in specific unit. E.g. [kg/h] Yes Yes
2. In-car turbocharger orientation during measurement.*** Yes Yes
3. Swiss made, first-class, industrial flow meters. Yes Yes
4. Quick-release system to simplify large-frame turbocharger installation. Optionele Optionele
Supported turbocharger types: x x
a) Turbocharger with vacuum actuator. Yes Yes
b) Turbocharger with pressure actuator (Wastegate turbochargers). Yes Yes
c) Turbocharger with electric a powered by 12V. Yes Yes
d) Turbocharger with electric actuator powered by 24V. Yes Yes
e) Passenger car turbocharger. Yes Yes
f) Light-duty truck turbocharger. Yes Yes
g) Heavy-duty truck turbocharger. Yes Yes
h) Off-highway application turbocharger. Yes Yes
i) Agricultural application turbocharger. Yes Yes
f) Marine application turbocharger. Yes Yes
  1. * Low rotational speed value leads to inappropriate turbocharger operation. In such case further turbocharger diagnostics or repair is required.                                                                                                                ** Inapproriate turbocharger pressure ratio leads to insufficient or too high boost pressure. In such case further turbocharger diagnostics or repair is required. Turbocharger pressure ratio measurement is dedicated for:
    – More precise turbocharger adjustment than adjustment according to turbine section flow value
    – Warranty claims handling
    – Qualiy cotrol
    – R&D centers of OE and aftermarket turbocharger manufacturers                                                                                 *** In-car turbocharger orientation increases calibration effectiveness.