Technical Specifications
Balancing Machines for Rail Vehicles
The balancing machines from Cimat are designed according to customer-specific requirements. We can provide machines that solely measure unbalance or combination systems that include a specially developed milling unit.

In order to limit installation restrictions as much as possible, Cimat’s balancing machines are for single components like:

  • railroad wheels,
  • brake disks
  • ring gears

Semi-automatic Train Wheel Balancing Machine

  • 3-jaw chuck for wheel gripping
  • Supports rail wheel and gear wheel
  • Automatic 3-axis milling system with chip vacuum
  • Automatic guarding
  • Adapted to robot integration
  • Chip vacuum
  • Fast measurement run
  • High measuring accuracy

Machine parameters CMT-750 FW

Balancing type Dynamic
Balancing axis Vertical
Number of correction planes 1
Correction type Milling with a chip vacuum
Wheel clamping system for outer diameter while milling Hydraulic
Wheel bore diameter gripping range 140 mm – 260 mm
Maximum milling depth 4 mm for axis X

55 mm for axis Z

Maximum milling angle 1200
ISO 2953 Reduction Ratio single plane 95% or more
Cycle time excluding wheel load and unload No more than 300 seconds
Power supply 380V +/-10%, 50 Hz, 3ph or other
Power consumption ~ 30 kW
Required air pressure 0.6 Mpa
Maximum part weight 750 kg
Maximum part diameter 700 mm – 1.400 mm
Maximum height of wheel’s hub 250 mm
Measuring unit 600 mm x 600 mm x 1730 mm
Machine ~ 3.500mm x 4.300mm x 3.300mm
Weight ~ 13T