Technical Specifications

Automated Balancers for Rotors of Supercharger:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC compliant
  • Custom balancers  are available
  • Shortest delivery time
  • Multiple station balancers are available
  • Newest measuring and control unit ROTORTEST
  • No component marking for speed measuring
  • NC mass correction: drilling, grinding, punching, welding, adding balancing weights etc.
  • Machine-loading is available
  • Safety standards ISO 21940-23:2012 (old ISO 7475 and DIN 45690) compliant

The following parameters are standard and can be modified upon request.

Maximum weight of a component 20 kg
Minimum weight of a component 1 kg
Maximum diameter of the component 300 mm
Maximum distance between bearing center lines 440 mm
Required air pressure 0,6 MPa
On-station correction Drilling