Technical Specifications

CIMAT offers two types of special balancing machines for drive shafts: The CMT-250WN Serwis, designed for medium-scale manufacturers, and the CMT-250WN, designed for large scale manufacturers.

Our advanced measuring unit, the ROTORTEST 9.5, is equipped with an LCD touch screen that displays balancing results and utilizes the latest software, making operation easier than ever before. You can even save data on external storage via a USB port, send it via wifi or ethernet, or print the balancing reports out with a built-in laser printer.

Main Features:

  • Ability to balance in four correction planes at the same time
  • Accurate and efficient
  • Intuitive and easy to operate software
  • Reinforced external pedestals designed to withstand high axial loads on the splined connector
  • The middle pedestals of the machine are specially designed to accept  the support bearings of a drive shaft, without  needing to disassemble them
  • The right pedestal can move horizontally on the bed while the upper part of the right pedestal can move in 50mm steps—this is designed to connect the shaft’s disc to the pedestal’s disc
  • Balancing speeds up to 5000 rpm
  • Protective mechanisms that prevent the drive shaft from falling out of the machine
  • Angle indexing display in switch-off mode
  • Balancing reports are saved in database for later use
  • Software converts correction mass into exact length of the correction strips

Available options :

  • CMT- 180DS Optima – 180 kg
  • CMT- 250DS Serwis–  250 kg
  • CMT- 400DS Serwis – 400 kg
  • CMT- 250DS– 250 kg
  • CMT- 400DS– 400 kg
  • CMT- 2000DS– 2000 kg


The following parameters are standard and can be modified upon request.

MODEL CMT-250DS CMT-250DS Serwis
Positional control Manual Automatic
Maximum component weight 250 kg 250 kg
Maximum rotor length 4600 mm 4600 mm
Maximum pipe diameter 170 mm 170 mm
ISO 2953 Reduction Ratio 98% 98%
Voltage & phase 380-480v 3 phase 380-480v 3 phase

Driveshaft Balancing Machine