Training & Seminars

CIMAT provides training courses and seminars in balancing theory and practice

This covers the following topics:
  • Selected issues concerning the basics of balancing:
    • static and dynamic unbalance
    • measuring planes and correction planes
    • causes of unbalance
    • types of balancing machines
  • Field balancing in comparison to conventional balancing: features, similarities, differences
  • Balancing of rigid and flexible rotors
  • Calibration of balancing machines. Hard-bearing and soft-bearing balancing machines
  • Electric frame in analogue measurement systems and impact factors in digital measurement systems
  • Belt drive and end drive: advantages and disadvantages
  • Vibrations in a single degree-of-freedom mechanical system
  • Phase and amplitude characteristics
  • Balancing of overhung rotors—practical aspects
  • Practical tips on the use of balancing machines
  • Shaft unbalance compensation methods
  • Learning to operate an advanced measuring device
  • Practical training in the use of balancing machines
Depending on specific needs, training can be given at a client’s place of business or at CIMAT. Among our highly-qualified training instructors are Doctors of Technical Science.