Technical Inspections & Calibration Rotors

A vital condition of effective balancing is efficient equipment.

CIMAT offers technical inspection of balancing machines of each type and make. Inspections are conducted in accordance with standard procedures and are mainly concerned with measuring components and balancing tests by the use of calibration rotors designed for a given type of machine.

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At the customer’s request the inspection could be conducted in accordance with the ISO 21940-21:2012 (old ISO 2953) standard.

Within the scope of conducted operations our service team makes minor repairs, necessary calibrations, and adjustments. In addition, the customer is given a report, which presents current technical condition of the machine and further repairs that need to be made. In the case of a positive result a temporary certificate is issued.

At the customer’s request CIMAT can provide new calibration rotors for horizontal and vertical machines. Additionally, CIMAT’s service team conducts technical inspection and certification of calibration rotors.